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What Do You Need to Bet on Horse Racing? Part 2

Did you attend Cheltenham Festival or any other horse racing festivals this year? Did you wager on horse racing for the first time—or maybe think about doing so? If you are new to betting on horse racing, whether you are new to the sport itself or not, it can be a complicated undertaking. There are in fact many things that you need in order to bet on horse races. In What Do You Need to Bet on Horse Racing? Part 1, I talked about some of the material things that you need to place your wagers:

What is Class in Horse Racing?

Learning how to bet on horse racing betting sites?  If so, you may already have read up What is Form in Horse Racing?. Form is usually touted as the single most important factor in betting on horse races, but it does not stand on its own, and Class is arguably just as essential.


Impact of Travel and Game Location on Rugby Matches

Rugby is a game where teams sometimes face intense schedules.  They may need to play match after match with little or no time for recovery, and may also need to do extensive traveling.  How does travel and location impact performance? 


The Impact of Home Advantage

What is the Impact of Weather on Rugby?

With any outdoor sport, it is important to check the weather before placing a bet, but it is particularly important when placing rugby bets on a british betting site.  In fact it is crucial, as the weather can change the flow of an entire match and drastically impact the performance of players on both sides.


What is Choking in Sports?

If you watched Super Bowl 51, you were probably as astounded as everyone else when the Atlanta Falcons managed to throw away a 28-3 lead over the New England Patriots.  At one point, ESPN’s win probability machine gave the Falcons a 99.6% chance of defeating the Patriots.  That didn’t happen, however; the game went into overtime (the first in Super Bowl history), and the Patriots won, making most online bookmakers rubbing their hands.


Looking Back at Super Bowl 51

If you follow NFL betting at all, you almost certainly watched as the Atlanta Falcons went down in flames on Sunday 5th February 2017 in what had to be one of the most devastating defeats in the history of the game.  Since then, punters and fans have been reeling with shock, still trying to piece together some understanding of what happened.


Determining if a Horse is In Form

If you are learning how to handicap horse races, one of the most important factors you will learn to look at is Form.  Form refers to the physical condition of a horse.  If a horse is in good condition, that horse is said to be “In Form.”  A horse that is in poor condition is “Off Form,” and not a strong contender.  Horses may also round in and out of Form, transitioning up or down (this also tends to result in a transition in Class).


What Are Form Reversals?

If you are betting on british horse racing betting sites, one of the most important indicators you will look at before placing your wages is Form.  To help you learn more about Form, I have been focusing recent articles on a comprehensive exploration of the concept.  To get started, be sure to look at the first article in the series, What is Form in Horse Racing?.  Next, read on to Determining If a Horse is In Form to find out how you can analyse recent workouts an

What is Form in Horse Racing?

If you are learning how to bet on horse racing betting sites, one of the most important factors you will pay attention to is Form


What is Form?  Form refers to the physical condition of a horse.  When a horse is in good condition, we call that being “In Form.”  If the horse is in poor condition, we call that “Off Form.”  Horses that are “In Form” are going to run well.  Horses that are “Off Form” are going to struggle. 


What is the Lasix Controversy in Horse Racing?

If you are betting online on horse racing and specially on US races, you may have heard of something called “Lasix.”  The very idea of race-day medications may very well seem bizarre, but it is one thing which sets US horse racing apart from horse racing in the UK or pretty much anywhere else.



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