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What Are Form Reversals?

If you are betting on british horse racing betting sites, one of the most important indicators you will look at before placing your wages is Form.  To help you learn more about Form, I have been focusing recent articles on a comprehensive exploration of the concept.  To get started, be sure to look at the first article in the series, What is Form in Horse Racing?.  Next, read on to Determining If a Horse is In Form to find out how you can analyse recent workouts an

What is Form in Horse Racing?

If you are learning how to bet on horse racing betting sites, one of the most important factors you will pay attention to is Form


What is Form?  Form refers to the physical condition of a horse.  When a horse is in good condition, we call that being “In Form.”  If the horse is in poor condition, we call that “Off Form.”  Horses that are “In Form” are going to run well.  Horses that are “Off Form” are going to struggle. 


What is the Lasix Controversy in Horse Racing?

If you are betting online on horse racing and specially on US races, you may have heard of something called “Lasix.”  The very idea of race-day medications may very well seem bizarre, but it is one thing which sets US horse racing apart from horse racing in the UK or pretty much anywhere else.


What Impact Do Blinkers Have on Racing?

While watching horse racing, you have almost certainly noticed blinkers on some of the horses.  Blinkers are cups which cover all or part of a horse’s eyes (one or both).  Different types of blinkers have different functions, but in general, they serve to help a horse to focus on the track ahead by screening out visual distractions.


Types of Blinkers Used in Horse Racing

If you watch a lot of horse racing, you doubtless have at least some familiarity with blinkers.  Blinkers reduce the scope of a horse’s sight, which can help a horse to stay calm and focused.  Did you know that there are many different types of blinkers?  Here are a few that are worth knowing about:


An Introduction to Blinkers

Some horses are very focused as they run, but others are not.  They are distracted by challengers, or even by random events or features of the scenery around the track.  They run past a bush and a bird rustles the leaves.  Instead of perceiving a bird, they think there is a predator lurking inside and they bolt to the side. 


Horses that are easily distracted are anxious and performance suffers as a result.  That is why blinkers were invented.


What are Tout Sheets?

In a recent set of articles on What Do You Need to Bet on Horse Racing, I discussed some of the supplies that you need to wager on horse racing as well as intangibles such as a system or method for handicapping.


One thing you may have heard that you need in order to bet on horse racing is “tout sheets.”  What are tout sheets, where do you get them, and do you need them to win?


Keeping Records of Horse Racing Bets

When it comes to winning at sports betting, there is a lot of advice I repeat across the board. It is important to do your research, have a betting system, and maintain a money management system. But it is also very important to find a way to track the success or failure of the systems you are using. And that is where keeping some kind of a journal comes into play. That is important with every sport, and horse racing is no exception.


What Do You Need to Bet on Horse Racing? Part 1

If you casually attended Cheltenham Festival or other big horse racing festivals this year, you undoubtedly had an awesome time. Did you place any wagers? If it was your first time doing so, maybe you won, maybe you lost—but you probably discovered one thing for certain, which is that betting on horse racing really ups the ante when it comes to excitement.


Betting Online vs. In Person: Pros and Cons, Part 2

It’s hard to believe that Cheltenham Festival and all the other big horse racing events have already come and gone.  This year’s event was as thrilling as ever.  If you had the chance to attend in person, you probably had a grand (and hopefully profitable) time wagering.  If not, you probably bet online from home. 



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