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What is the Fibonacci System for Sports Bettors?

Are you looking for a betting system you can use for setting your bet sizes over the course of a season? Whether you are betting on football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, rugby, or any other sport, one method you will encounter time and again is the Fibonacci system.


Tips for Handicapping a Team After a Major Loss

Losing a game is never good, but some losses are more devastating than others.  When a team goes into a game fully expecting to win, and all the hype is on their side, and then they lose, the clash of reality against expectations can be crushing. Any time a team gets trounced, losing by 20 or 40 points, it can have a lasting impact on the rest of their season.


Tips for Handicapping Hyped Teams

No matter what sports you like to bet on, one thing that you are going to run into time and again is hype.  There are certain teams that get talked up not only by sports analysts, but by the media and the betting public.  There are all kinds of reasons that teams get hyped.  Sometimes they really are as good as everyone believes.  Other times, they had a lot of factors playing to their advantage that aren’t necessarily going to be present in the future.  St

Why Don’t You Have a Betting System? Part 2

Wondering why you still are getting a really low win percentage as a sports bettor?  If you do not have a betting system, that could very well be why.  In order to profit reliably enough to achieve even a seemingly modest win percentage like 55%, you need to have a system in place. 


Why Don’t You Have a Betting System? Part 1

If you are going to become a profitable sports bettor, one thing you need to succeed is a betting system!  The vast majority of punters have no system whatsoever, or if they do, they apply it pell-mell with no real plan and may barely understand how it works.  Still others rely on picks from punters who do have systems, and simply hope that those picks will perform.  The only bettors who win with enough consistency to turn it into a living are those who have a method of their own in place.


Can Replacing a Coach Save a Team in Trouble?

The head coach is obviously one of the most important personnel to the success of any sports team.  The coach is responsible for organising the team, instilling discipline and focus, and making other staffing decisions which can alter the course of where the team is headed.  Because bad coaching can sabotage a team with otherwise great prospects, it may seem logical to expect a positive change if a team decides to fire a coach and bring someone new onboard.  How should you take this int

Best Traits of a Professional Sports Coach Part 2

When we are analysing a sports team, we need to pay special attention to the head coach, who is one of the most important personnel in determining the success or failure of the team.  The head coach is responsible for organising the team.  The gestalt principle that the whole is more than the sum of its parts comes into play with any professional sports team, whether we are talking about European football, NFL, basketball, baseball, or any other team sport. 


Best Traits of a Professional Sports Coach Part 1

Whether we’re talking about European football, NFL, basketball, or any other professional sport, there is no denying that the role of the coach is one of the most important on the team.  When a team has a good coach who knows what he’s doing, the team is likely to excel, even with some weaknesses.  When a team is poorly coached, even with greater players, it is significantly likely the team will struggle.  It’s one thing to say that a coach needs to display “great leadership,” but this

What Impact Does Coaching Have on a Team’s Success or Failure?

Why is it that many teams undergo numerous personnel changes with players over the years, but continuously perform either really well or really poorly?  Oftentimes there is one consistent factor, and that is the coach.  Teams are hesitant to change coaches for a number of reasons - even when a team is not performing at its top potential.  Still, there are few personnel who have the level of impact on a team that the coach does.  What are some ways that coaching can lead a team to succeed or fail?


Assessing the Impact of Golf Tournament Locations

Golf tournaments involve travel to a wide variety of destinations, and that means that golfers face drastically different course and weather conditions everywhere they go.  Each of these courses requires adjustments, and each is suited to different play styles.  To assess the impact that each will have, there are a number of factors to look at.



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