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Adjusting Your Handicapping Throughout a Football Tournament

When you are handicapping a football tournament, there are going to be a lot of major changes from start to finish for all of the teams and players.  At the start of the tournament, you are not going to have a lot of information to handicap with, but as a tournament unfolds, you will learn a lot from watching the teams compete.  That means you will want to make smart adjustments as you go along. 


Here are some factors to look out for:

What is the QBR?

If you are handicapping american football, one of the statistics you might look at is the quarterback rating. There are actually two quarterback ratings which are widely used, the NFL quarterback rating and the ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating, or QBR.  The NFL quarterback rating has been around much longer.  While it is less comprehensive than the QBR, it does still offer value to bettors.  The correlation between the NFL quarterback rating differential and the success of the quarterback is quite strong. 

Interpreting a Shocking Loss in Football, Part 2

While handicapping football is the art of predicting results accurately enough to wager on them and win, now and again something happens that hardly anyone predicts.  If you’ve recently bet on a favourite only to lose all your money in a shocking defeat against a team that seemed to have no chance, you need to figure out what it means before you bet again. 

How Do Staff Changes in NFL Football Create Unpredictability?

There are a number of different factors that can impact teams and players at the start of an NFL season, resulting in unpredictable performance  and predicting NFL at the start of the season challenging.  One of those factors is changes in personnel.  Staff turnover is a complex matter.  Players are traded, coaches hired or fired, and managers replaced.  When a team has major changes in its roster or management, there are a number of resulting variables that can impact a team’s performance:

Challenges Predicting NFL at the Start of the Season

We’re almost at the end of another season of NFL football.  If you have been following along through the season, you may already have a number of predictions for this year’s teams and players.  Whether that is true or you are only just now starting to handicap NFL football, it is smart to remind yourself that making solid predictions early on in the season is very difficult.  Why?


Using Beyer Speed Ratings

Beyer Speed Ratings are some of the most powerful statistical tools you have when handicapping horse races.  These ratings are comprehensive and take into account factors such as speed, depth, and track length.  As such, the numerical value you derive from the rating system can be applied to races across different distances and on different types of tracks.  Read more about what the Beyer Speed Figures are and why they are so powerful.


What to Know About Betting on Football Elimination Games, Part 2

When a football tournament moves into the elimination phase, you encounter a unique challenge as a punter, because many players’ attitudes have likely changed.  Players who may not have taken round robin games seriously may now be very serious about their upcoming games.  And that means that their performance will adjust accordingly—as should your bets. 


What Are Beyer Speed Figures?

If you are handicapping horse races, there are many different metrics out there you can use to try and evaluate the contenders and make predictions about the future.  Beyer Speed Figures are some of the most powerful and comprehensive statistics out there.  They provide you with a measure of how fast a horse can run based on its historical performance.


What to Know About Betting on Football Elimination Games, Part 1

One of the challenges of betting online on football has to do with the attitudes that teams take toward different games.  There are a lot of games that teams take only somewhat seriously or not at all.  That attitude reverses entirely when it comes time to play an elimination game. 


Interpreting a Shocking Loss in Football Part 1

Handicapping is all about making accurate, reliable sports predictions.  But part of the thrill of sports like football is that we cannot always predict what is going to happen.  Sometimes, in fact, the exact opposite of what we expect is what unfolds on the field.  A clear favourite is matched against a total underdog that nobody thinks has a snowball’s chance in hell at winning … and the underdog emerges victorious.  It’s what we call a shocking upset, and if you had your money on the favourite, it can shock you too.


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