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Do Betting Locks Exist?

If you are searching for betting tips to help you place a smart wager, you have doubtless seen advertisements for betting locks.  What are locks?  Supposedly, they are picks which are so certain that they cannot possibly lose.  Sometimes they are even backed by refund guarantees.  In fact, there are even handicappers that will offer you your money back plus some if your wager loses!


These advertisements can look very tempting, especially to a beginner.  But it is vital to know one thing:

Locks do not exist.  They are just a marketing ploy!


Here are a few reasons you can be confident of this:

  • Matches are not decided in advance.  Yes, sometimes there are cheats and things get fixed, but such matches are invalid, and this rarely actually happens. 
  • Even bad teams can beat good teams.  Teams that are undefeated in playoffs can lose in the final matches.  No matter what you might think you know, there are a million factors that influence any given game, and predicting them all is really challenging even on the best of days.  This is why even the best sports betting systems usually only predict outcomes correctly in the 55-60% range.  Think about it.  Who would actually watch sports if they were more predictable than that?
  • You never know when a fluke will happen.  In fact, flukes probably determine the outcomes of about half of the games that are played! 
  • Human error plays a huge role in sports, both on the field and when it comes to referee calls.  There is no possible way to predict all those mistakes and poor judgement calls.  Sometimes no one can even agree on what really happened on the field!  How could you expect a handicapper to somehow psychically guess what the referee will decide? 


Any one of these points alone should be enough to convince you that locks are a fiction, but if they aren’t, here’s one more:

Some things are simply too good to be true!


Seriously, making money as a sports gambler on a regular, ongoing basis is incredibly challenging.  Ask any successful, honest punter who has been in the business for years.  That success is really a stellar achievement.  Do you think any sports bettor would work that hard if it were unnecessary?  Wouldn’t they all just be out buying locks?  For that matter, why would anyone bother selling locks?  Wouldn’t the locks themselves generate all the profit that those handicappers could ever need?  Why run two businesses when one would be enough?


Nothing is ever that easy, or everyone would be doing it.  Look around for all the proof you need.  Most punters struggle to get consistent winning results.  The harder someone tries to sell you on a lie that this is not the case, the more likely it is that they are just out to take your money.  So when you see any sort of guaranteed picks, run the other way!  Locks do not exist, and anyone trying to persuade you that they do just wants to con you!


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  • Have a budget and stick to it
  • Don't lose more than you can afford
  • When drunk, don't bet!
  • Don't chase losses
  • Bet on markets you know well
  • Don't abuse bonuses