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Betting on sports

Sports betting is a very popular activity for many people today. Some choose to bet on sports clearly for leisure purposes and don’t care about making any profit, while others are more serious about betting on sports and are doing it in order to make some extra cash from it. What needs to be clarified at this point is that betting on sports is a form of gambling and like in any gambling activity there is no certain outcome. There might be some ways of getting a better chance making profit from betting on sports (betting tips, betting statistics etc are all helpful factors) but there is no certain way to make money from sports betting.

What kind of sports can I bet on

The answer to this very basic question for betting on sports is simple. Everything! Sports betting is avaliable for all sports. Football betting, basketball betting , volleyball, horse racing, tennis, golf, motor sports and even not so popular sports like badminton, ice hockey, handball and table tennis are available for betting.

Understand the odds for betting on sports

Someone that wants to start betting on sports online needs to understand how betting odds work. There are 3 types of betting odds or prices as they are also called. Decimal odds ( i.e. 2.30 )which are the most common, Fractional odds ( i,e. 4/6 )which are used primarily in the UK and American odds ( i.e. +100 )which are used in the United States. If you are familiar with betting odds for sports betting them keep reading. If you want to learn about betting odds fro betting on sports ion more detail then visit our betting odds explained section.

Understand the betting markets

Once you have a good understanding of betting odds and you know how much money you can get back (returns) from your investment (stake) then you can move forward. Another basic step you need to take in order to start betting on sports is understand the betting markets. By understanding the betting markets, gambling on sports is more fun because you know what you want to happen in the game in order to win. Asian Handicap betting, Double Chance, Draw no Bet, First on 10 points and many more betting markets need to be learned before betting on sports.

There have been many occasions of punters that have been betting on sports that they were not familiar with and as a result didn’t know how the betting markets exactly work. So a very basic step before betting on sports is to understand the sports betting markets. For detailed explanation of the most popular betting markets visit our betting help section.

Ways of betting on sports

There are actually two popular ways of betting on sports. One way is to place your bets in a betting shop and the other and more convenient way of betting is to bet on line. By opening an online betting account you have the advantage of betting on sports at any time from your computer ( or even on the phone ).

Most punters will have online betting accounts with more than one bookies and will occasionally place bets in a betting shop. Visit our how to open an online betting account section if you want to find out in more detail what you need to open an online betting account

Choose a reliable online bookmaker for betting on sports

Online betting is very popular and there are many online bookmakers that you can find in order to start betting on sports. Some betting sites might be easier to use, some might have more betting markets while other might just have better betting odds or better customer service.

Everything counts when choosing the online bookmaker for betting on sports, so make sure you chose the best one. We are listing the top online bookmakers with detailed reviews so you can chose the best betting site for you.

How to bet on sports

Online betting is very popular and there are many online bookmakers that you can find in order to start betting on sports. Some betting sites might be easier to use, some might have more betting markets while other might just have better betting odds or better customer service. You can read our guide about things to look for in an online betting site for more details.

So, if you have a good understanding of betting odds, betting markets and have found you preferred online bookmaker then you are ready top start betting on sports. Once you are logged in a bookie, go to the sportsbook and select the sport you want to bet on from their list. Then chose the preferred market and enter the amount you want to bet. Click on the place bet or Bet now button ( different bookies use different names ) and that’s it. As simple as that you have been starting betting on sports.

Most betting sites will have a live chat service or a phone number to contact them. So if you find your self stuck with your online sports betting don’t worry. There is always an easy way to resolve your problem.

You might also want to read our guides about how to open a betting account as well as how to bet online and fully exploit the benefits of online sports betting with the best UK betting sites.

Horse Racing Betting

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New to sports betting?

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Bookies with Live Streaming

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Bookmaker of the Month

Titan Bet Titanbet is considered one of the best online bookmakers with an attractive, modern and user friendly website as well as a great number of different sports available for betting. On top of that someone can find a number of additional betting markets, extra sport promotions, a great live betting console and more services that will satisfy even the most demanding punters.

Read why you should open a Titanbet account or just Visit online bookmaker Titabet now!

Gambling on the Internet

A few things to consider when gambling online:

  • Take advantage of first deposit bonuses
  • Have a budget and stick to it
  • Don't lose more than you can afford
  • When drunk, don't bet!
  • Don't chase losses
  • Bet on markets you know well
  • Don't abuse bonuses