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Why Bet On Your Mobile Device?

You have probably discovered that most uk sports betting sites now offer full mobile access and a rich suite of betting features you can take advantage of anytime, anywhere.  Depending on your disposition (and the technology you own), you may immediately see the appeal of wagering on sports using your mobile device. 


But you also may see some of the potential drawbacks.  Mobile devices - even tablets - have small screens, and planning bets can be a pain when you are confined to such a small work area.  If you usually do most of your work on a desktop or laptop, you may question why you would ever wager on your mobile device.  Is it really worth it?


I want to say right upfront that I do not think that mobile betting is the right choice for everyone.  Some people really do not do well using the small screen, and may also be easily distracted if they are betting in unusual locations (the train, work, etc.).  These users may want to stick with their laptop or desktop computer at home all or most of the time.  But I think that a lot of users can benefit greatly from mobile betting.


Here are just a few advantages of betting on your mobile device:

1.  You cannot beat the convenience and simplicity of betting on a mobile.

You are out and about and you find out a juicy bit of news about an upcoming football match.  You know right then and there that you want to place a bet on the match, but you do not need to wait to get home to turn on your desktop PC like you would have had to in the past.  Instead, you just reach into your pocket, whip out your mobile device, and log into your sports betting account.  You enter in your wager, pocket the device, and you wait.  That’s that.  It really does not get any simpler, faster, easier or more convenient!


2.  You can place and monitor bets from any location.

If all you could bet on was your laptop or desktop, you would only ever be able to place your wagers or monitor them when you were home—or on your PC at the office, if you have a job which allows you access to a computer.  Even if you do work on a computer at your day job, you may work at one of those offices which block sportsbooks and other “inappropriate” sites anyway—which would again stick you with waiting until you get home to bet.

Thanks to mobile betting, you do not need to worry about this.  If you have access to a mobile network, you can wager on sports no matter where you are.  This might include at home, at work, on your commute, or just hanging out at a café.  If you head out on vacation and you do not want to bring your laptop with you on the trip, you can wager on your mobile device at your hotel.

This really can open up a world of opportunity.  Oftentimes, the best betting opportunities come up at times when you would traditionally be unable to wager if you were confined only to your home PC.  But with your mobile device, you can now take advantage of all of those opportunities to win!


3.  Be discreet.

Coming back to the issue of betting at the office, you may be able to wager at work, but you do not necessarily want everyone to know what you are doing.  You might be breaking a work policy even if the sports betting site is accessible.  Or you might not want to do it in the open for social reasons.  A lot of people still have a moral hang-up about betting.  If your boss finds out, he might take a set against you.  You don’t have time for that kind of drama in your life.

If you are on your mobile device, you can access your favourite sports betting sites discreetly without anyone seeing what you are doing.  Just say you are doing something else, like checking the weather or setting up a reminder for an appointment.  Nobody needs to know you are a punter.


So is mobile betting a perfect tool?  No, it definitely has its limitations.  But you can see how it has many uses and benefits which can really expand your opportunities, giving you more chances to wager and to win! 

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  • Don't abuse bonuses