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Why Don’t You Have a Betting System? Part 2

Wondering why you still are getting a really low win percentage as a sports bettor?  If you do not have a betting system, that could very well be why.  In order to profit reliably enough to achieve even a seemingly modest win percentage like 55%, you need to have a system in place. 


Many punters resist learning a system.  Oftentimes they offer up excuses they truly believe in as the reasons why - but these excuses are typically myths to begin with.  In the first instalment  (Why Don’t You Have a Betting System?  Part 1), I discussed a couple of these.  Now I want to discuss a couple more. 


1. “Systems are set in stone by definition.”

For some reason a lot of people believe that the whole meaning of a system is rigidity.  They think a system is all about rules, and that rules should never be broken.  But the real definition is quite broad and actually leaves plenty of room for flexibility.  If you Google the definition of system, you will find, “a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organised scheme or method.”


There is nothing in that definition that states you need to dogmatically follow a hard set of rules.  But you do need to organise the way you bet.  A regular, systematic approach grounded in logic and knowledge will help you to achieve predictable, profitable results.  If you need to adjust it now and again, you can! 


2. “Doing things chaotically is my system.”

Then there is the common excuse that someone does not need a system because not having one is their system.  It certainly sounds and feels clever, and perhaps on some level it makes sense.  One can systematically reject organisation and procedures after all.  So that could be considered a system.


That being said, it is just about the most useless system you can devise.  The myth here is that it can ever serve you.  All it can do is hold you back and make you feel righteous about doing it.


What is the Real Reason Most Bettors Don’t Use Systems and Strategies?


You can see now how the reasons which are commonly given by bettors refusing to adopt systems are ill-founded excuses.  They are often quite believable—and maybe you even believed one or two of these yourself.


At the end of the day, the real reason underlying your decision must be something else.  For most punters it is quite simple: getting a system and learning it is hard work.  It is time-consuming, and if you are a rookie, it can be downright overwhelming.


Perhaps the biggest myth holding you back isn’t one that relates to systems, but to your own self-perception.  Just because something is hard and takes a lot of time and effort doesn’t mean you aren’t up to the challenge.  You can do it.  So give it a try.  Revise your beliefs about systems and strategies.  Try making the effort, and you may be rewarded!


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