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NFL – General Round-up – October 2012

NFLThe NFL has seen a lot of media limelight recently, unfortunately for negative reasons. Actually, some may consider the reasons quite positive since the recent referee fiascos have had some viewers cracking up at the pure absurdity of it all.
Still, the football continues and the fact that some officials have never worked a game beyond high school level doesn’t change the fact that at the end of it all, someone will be raising the Vince Lombardi trophy.
So who will it be this Super Bowl? As always, there are the more conservative guesses and those that require a little more intuition and analysis, but what it will come down to eventually is the team with the healthiest mix of roster, form, coaching and of course, motivation. Oh, and let’s not forget the possession of a rock star quarterback.

Houston Texans

The Texans are of course the top favorite at the moment. Partly because of the fact that they looked set to make it to the Super Bowl last year with Matt Schaub’s injury preventing them from doing so. Of course health is always an issue and Schaub and Andre Johnson will have to maintain high levels of fitness throughout the competition if they’re to take their team all the way.

Green Bay Packers

As far as the rock star quarterback thing goes, the Packers are set. Not only is Aaron Rodgers an excellent quarterback, he is also playing his top game at the moment. Although they’re hosting a fairly young but extremely solid pack of defensemen, they’ve drawn a particularly easy game schedule against teams with quarterbacks who are in their first or second years. This will let them gain confidence and build a steady stride for the tougher games ahead.

San Francisco 49ers

The NFC is looking like a very tough conference so the 49ers are not going to have an easy time moving forward. On the other hand, they’re looking like a very well-rounded and confident team. Their defense is rock-solid, and they’re playing a good passing and running game.

Philadelphia Eagles

Could Andy Reid finally get a ring? Well the Eagles are definitely a talented team, and with a very strong defense including Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry, Mychael Kendricks and Brandon Boykin, combined with Michael Vick throwing the plays, they are looking like a force to be reckoned with. With the sad and tragic death of Andy Reid’s son, he’s been shown a lot of support and his team will likely be motivated to do their best in the wake of this unfortunate event.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have Joe Flacco. The Ravens have Ray Rice. The Ravens have an explosive offense that could take them to the Super Bowl. The underlying factor will be the support of a solid defense and of course mentally withstanding the pressure of playing against the big teams.

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