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Euro 2012 top goalscorer betting

Euro 2012 Scorer Rules

Euro 2012 top goalscorer Euro 2012 top goalscorer is a great betting market that can keep your interest until the last game of the tournament. A player can score 3 goals in a single game and become straight away the favorite to win the Top Goalscorer  title.

Michel Platini has scored the most goals in a European Championship tournament, 9 goals back in 1984. In the last few European Championships the Top goalscorer of the tournament usually scores 4 or 5 goals.

On this page you can find how does each way top goalscorer work...  what is a Euro 2012 top goalscorer each way... Euro 2012 top goalscorer rules ​and more answers to similar questions.

What will happen if more than one players finish with the same number of goals? This is what we call a  Dead Heat...

Euro 2012 Top  Goalscorers

Torres - Spain (golden boot)

Balotelli - Italy

Gomez - Germany

Dzagoev - Russia

Mandzukic Croatia

Ronaldo - Portugal

Fabregas - Spain


In the case of 6 players having 3 goals each during Euro 2012 then your stake is divided by 6. So for a bet of £60 with odds of 9.00 you will get back £10X9.00 = £90

Dead Heat in Euro 2012 top goalscorer betting

Lets see how Dead Heat works with an example. You had a bet on Euro 2012 top goalscorer and the player you backed scored 4 goals and he is on the top of the goalscorer table, but there is also another player who scored 4 goals as well.

What happens if 2 players score the same number of goals in Euro 2012?

The majority of online bookmakers have a set rule for this occasion called Dead Heat. Dead Heat rule is commonly used for horse racing and in the case of a  top goalscorer in Euro 2012 it means that your bet counts for half of your stake on  full odds. So, if you had £100 on a player at 10/1 and there is a dead hit between 2 top goalscorers in the Euro, then it is like you had £50 on 10/1, and that’s how the bookie is going to pay out your bet. In the case of more than 2 top goalscorers then the amount is divided equally. i.e. if its 3 of them on the first place you get 1/3 of your money on full odds if its 4 1/4 on full odds etc...


Euro 2012 top goalscorer Each Way betting

This Euro 2012 betting market works the same way as the each way Outright Winner market. Most bookies will pay 4 places in 1/4 of the odds for a Top Goalscorer Each Way on Euro 2012.The place odds of an each way bet are always on the very top or the very bottom of the  page of the market. Make sure you check it before placing your bets  

An each way Top Goalscorer bets gives you the chance to win some money, even if you the player you had a bet on doesn’t finish on the top of the Euro 2012 scoring board but comes second, third or even fourth!

Your winnings depend on the odds you backed. An each way bet is actually two equal sized bets, with one backing the win and the other backing the place. So if your selection doesn't win but finishes in one the place positions ( up to third or fourth in the case of Euro 2012 Top Goalscorer) then your winnings will be calculated for your place bet an you will get some returns from that.

Lets see how to calculate those winnings...


How to calculate your each way Goalscorer winnings

This is how you can calculate your each way winnings if the Euro 2012 goalscorer you have backed comes second, third or fourth ( depending on the places you backed)  : your odds X 1/4 ( place ) X half of your stake 

If you place a
Euro 2012 Top Goalscorer Each Way which is a winning bet  then you can calculate your total winning like this : your odds X half of your stake + your odds X 1/4 ( place ) X half of your stake.


 Last 4 European championships Top Goalscorers

 Alan Shearer
 Patrick Kluivert

 Savo Milošević

Milan Baros
2008  David Villa



Who is going to be top goalscorer on EURO 2012?

There are a few players that are favorites to be EURO 2012 Top Scorer according to the bookies. Most online bookmakers have as first favorite for Euro 2012 top goalscorer Mario Gomez as Germany is considered amongst the strongest squads in the competition.  Odds for Gomez Gomez on the market are now ( that is before the kick off of Euro 2012 ) between 6/1 ( 7.00) and 7/1 (8.00).

There are 3-4 players apart from Gomez  that are considered as possible top goalscorers on EURO 2012 but bookmakers don't seem to agree on which player has more chances given the odds they offer. Apart from Robin Van Persie who is the second favorite for Euro 2012 top goascorer across all bookies, the rest of the players are all seen from a different angle from online bookmakers. Some bookies offer Christiano Ronaldo as 3rd favourite for
top goalscorer on Euro 2012, others offer David Villa, while there are bookies that believe that Miroslav Close, Karim Benzema and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar are amongst the favorites for Euro 2012 top goalscorer. 

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