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What is the Impact of a Caddy Change in Golf?

While golfing is a highly individual sport, no golfer stands on his own - he has one very important teammate, and that is his caddy.  In fact, the relationship between the golfer and his caddy is essential to his performance.  When that relationship ends and a golfer takes on a new caddy, the transition can be very turbulent.  It is the start of a brand new relationship, and depending on why the caddy changed happened, it may signify the beginning of something great - or a time of trouble.  How can you evaluate the impact?  Here are some important considerations:


  • When there is a caddy change, always check how long the previous caddy was with the player.  A caddy that is replaced after just one season is not the same as one that is replaced after many years.  In the first instance, you are seeing a “try-on” relationship that did not work.  In the second instance, you are seeing something that did work stop working.  
  • See if you can figure out why the change happened.  Were the styles incompatible?  Did the relationship dissolve because of some kind of personal squabble?  Did the caddy leave the golfer to join a better one?  Did the player improve enough to opt for a better caddy himself?  These observations can help you make determinations about how strong or weak a golfer’s play has been, and what is expected of him going forward.  Of course, performance is always in flux, and the caddy change itself will lead to changes in performance which may be negative or positive. 
  • Don’t just look at the past - look at the future.  What do you know about the player’s new caddy?  Is the caddy well-known?  Does he have a lot of skill and experience?  Is he a step up or a step down for the golfer?  When you see a step down, it may mean no one wants to work with the golfer, which could indicate problems with his performance, professionalism, or both.  A step up on the other hand is a great sign.
  • Check to see how the public is reacting to the caddy change.  Some caddy changes are a big deal publicly and make the headlines.  Bettors tend to fixate on these changes, and may give them more weight than they deserve.  Other caddy changes receive no notice at all.  The public completely overlooks them, but they may be very important.  What the betting public thinks is still important, however, because it can change the odds.  When you disagree with the public over the importance of a caddy change, you may be looking at a great betting opportunity.


Caddy changes can have a huge impact on how a golfer plays.  A change may also point toward underlying problems or toward growing opportunities.  You can expect some unpredictability either way.  But when you are on top of these changes and you do your research, you will be in the best position to make intelligent wagers as the tour unfolds.


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