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Do Horse Racing Betting Systems Work?

Whether you are planning on betting on a horse racing festival like the Royal Ascot or you have found this article at any other time of the year, you may be asking yourself whether you need a betting system in order to succeed.  Do horse racing betting systems even work?  What should you know about them?


Essentially, any betting system is simply a set of rules for placing a wager, and that is true for horse racing as well.  The idea behind using a system is simple.  You are trying to remove arbitrariness from your decision-making process, and make a decision that is based on logic and reason. 


Do these systems really work?  Are they worth it?  Some do, some don’t, as simple as that.  Actually, it is a little more complicated than that.  Some systems work for some punters, while others don’t.  Why?  Because your own personality and discretion will play at least some role in your betting process.  For that reason, you need to find a horse racing system that is going to work for you.  You need to have a solid grasp on how and why it works.  There is a huge amount of diversity out there, and systems work in very different ways. 


One more thing which is important to know about horse racing betting systems (which is true for all betting systems) is that systems eventually fail.  No betting system is 100% foolproof, and even a system with an incredible win percentage is going to lose sometimes.  The trick is to know the rough win percentage you can expect with the system in advance.  You can figure that out by testing it on paper before you bet live with it.  If you start experiencing losses outside of those expected percentages, you may need to tweak it in some way.  Change is a constant in the world of horse racing (and sports in general), and for that reason, all systems require adaptation to keep working over time.


Should you bet without a system in place?  Occasionally, it may make sense.  Maybe you have some kind of inside insight into a particular race.  Perhaps you have been following a certain horse, jockey or trainer for a long time, and you are essentially an expert on the situation.  In that case, if you have enough knowledge to put a context around the race, you may be in a great position to bet even if you are not using a system.  If you do have a system and it tells you the same thing, then you have what is known as confluence, and that is awesome—you have a perfect setup.  Take full advantage of it.


Of course, you do not need to have a betting system to have fun at the races.  A lot of people wager just to enjoy the thrill and take the experience to a new level.  That is a perfectly good reason to bet.  Wager on your favourite, and have fun!  Who knows—you could just get lucky! 

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