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What are Tout Sheets?

In a recent set of articles on What Do You Need to Bet on Horse Racing, I discussed some of the supplies that you need to wager on horse racing as well as intangibles such as a system or method for handicapping.


One thing you may have heard that you need in order to bet on horse racing is “tout sheets.”  What are tout sheets, where do you get them, and do you need them to win?


You can think of tout sheets simply as betting picks for horse racing.  You will find them offered at racetracks, usually for sale.  Sometimes they are known as “tip sheets.”  Tout sheets are offered for several different reasons:


  • Sometimes they are sold for the purpose of making money.  Handicappers who have a reputation for making good picks know that this is an easy way to boost their profits.
  • Tout sheets may be distributed as a means of influencing the odds on various selections.
  • Sometimes people share tout sheets to share winnings (not as common, but may happen if you are part of a betting group of some sort).


Are tout sheets worth picking up?  Maybe.  They can be interesting to read, especially since they may include not only tips, but information about how the tipsters came to reach their conclusions.  For beginning punters, this can be a great learning experience.


Do you need tout sheets to bet?  Not necessarily, and in some cases, it may even be a bad idea.  Why?  Well, you need to learn how to do your own research if you are going to win consistently.  If you rely 100% on tips, you may get some wins, but not with the consistency you would need to become a professional handicapper.  If that isn’t your goal, then tout sheets may be all you need to come to conclusions, but if it is your goal, you definitely need to do your own homework.  You also need to recognise that there may be many motives behind tout sheets, including influencing the odds.


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Gambling on the Internet

A few things to consider when gambling online:

  • Take advantage of first deposit bonuses
  • Have a budget and stick to it
  • Don't lose more than you can afford
  • When drunk, don't bet!
  • Don't chase losses
  • Bet on markets you know well
  • Don't abuse bonuses