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Tennis betting

Tennis is a global sport that is played all around the world and has many fans. Tennis tournaments are played all over the year and tennis betting is something that tennis punters are able to any time. Tennis betting gives the chance to punters to take advantage of a value bet that that bookmakers might offer as there are so many tennis tournaments and so many tennis players participating on them that there will be many value bets out there.

There are also some tennis betting strategies and tennis betting systems that some punters use in order to make the most out of their tennis betting through the year.

Bookies understand the demand for tennis bets in the market and most of them will offer betting on every single tennis tournament. Some online bookmakers focus on tennis betting more than others and offer a great variety of tennis betting markets, value bets and better betting. Someone can a full section of tennis betting in some online bookies and any tennis bet. The tennis betting odds that punters can find in different online bookmakers can differ and that is where that can do some value betting.

The most popular tennis tournaments for tennis betting

The tennis tournaments that most online bookmakers offer are the ATP tour, the ATP Tour and of course the 4 popular Grand Slams which are the Australian Open, the French Open, the USA open and the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

The ATP and WTA tournaments are the professional men’s tennis and women’s tennis tour taking place throughout the year. The Grand Slams are the four biggest and elite tennis tournaments of the tennis season where both men and women compete under the same tournament and venues.

Bookies will have special tennis betting markets for those big competitions and also outright betting markets for different categories. Someone can find for example special tennis betting markets from how many Grand Slam titles will Murray win, when will Andy Murray win his first Grand Slam title, will Djokovic win the US Open undefeated to name a few examples. Betting on tennis is much more exciting when betting in special markets for some, while others have a bet on a special tennis market as a side bet in addition with their normal betting activity

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Popular tennis betting markets

There are some tennis betting markets that are more popular amongst tennis punters. These are mainly:

  • Match betting
  • Set betting
  • Game betting
  • Point betting

Those tennis betting markets are on that order for a reason. TThose tennis markets are popular for different reasons and we will try to give you some kind of tennis betting advise in order to be able to identify which ones are approrpriate for you.

Starting from the bottom, Point betting in a tennis match is a lot more a gamblers bet rather than a normal bet. Obviously the tennis player who is serving has more chances to win the point but this will happen around 60% of the time ( depending how strong the tennis player is ). Game betting belongs more or less on the same category, maybe a bit less of a gambing bet. If the player who is serving on that game loses a couple of points it is very possible to loose the game overall.

So, tennis betting on those two markets is much more appropriate for someone who wants to take advantage of a value bet or wants to gamble for quick profit. That is why most punters will prefer to bet on those tennis markets, so if they win they can use the funds for their next bet etc.

The tennis betting markets that most punters would prefer are the set betting and the match winner. Someone will bet on tennis match winner if he is confident that he is better than his opponent and has the whole tennis match to prove it. On the same lines, tennis set betting is more of a "conservative" bet as the favourite has always more chances to win a set even if he/she looses a point or a game.     

Tennis betting and factors that are affecting it

There are many factors that will affect tennis betting either in a specific match or for the whole tournament but those mentioned below are the main ones that every serious punters should consider.
  • Surface of the tennis court
  • Some tennis players are better in some specific surfaces than others. Tennis betting and the tennis odds for each player differ depending on the surface of the tennis court they are playing at.
  • Recent form of the tennis players
  • Tennis players compete in many tournaments throughout the year and their form has its up and downs. Current form together with head to head results is something that needs to be considered in tennis betting
  • Recent injuries of tennis player
  • Tennis players sometimes are getting injured during a tournament but they keep competing. An injury will affect the players performance and the tennis betting odds that online bookmakers will offer

Surfaces of betting courts

As mentioned above, the tennis surface is something that will affect tennis betting. The reason behind that is that different tennis players perform better or worse in a tournament depending on the surface that tournament is played at. The main tennis surfaces where the Grands Slams are taking place are Hard Court, Clay and Grass.

The tennis court that most Grand Slams are hosted is the Hard Court. The Australian Open and the US Open are both played in Hard Court surface. The French Open is played in Clay surface where Rafael Nadal dominates the last few years , while Wimbledon is played in a Grass surface.

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Gambling on the Internet

A few things to consider when gambling online:

  • Take advantage of first deposit bonuses
  • Have a budget and stick to it
  • Don't lose more than you can afford
  • When drunk, don't bet!
  • Don't chase losses
  • Bet on markets you know well
  • Don't abuse bonuses