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Pros and Cons of Straight Bets

Previously I have run a series on the numerous different types of wagers which are common in UK betting websites.  In that series, I gave an overview of each type of bet so that you could expand your punting vocabulary and figure out what might interest you.  But one thing I did not delve into in as much detail is the various advantages and disadvantages of different types of bets.  So I want to start this new series by talking about the pros and cons of simple straight bets.


What Is a Straight Bet?

First things first - let’s quickly discuss what a straight or win single bet is.  This is one of the most basic types of wagers you can place.  It is also called a “side” bet.  This is just a wager where you take a guess at which team or player will emerge as the winner in a match.  You can read about it in more detail in my article Types of Sports Bets: Straight Bet.

Some players naturally gravitate toward straight bets and other simple wagers.  If that is you, you may think that this article begs the question.  Since straight bets are so simple and straightforward (and typically more profitable than more complex wagers), why argue that they have pros and cons?

Then again, you could be coming from the exact opposite perspective.  You may find straight bets rather staid, and as a result wonder why you should bother with them at all.


That brings me to the basic pros and cons of straight bets.  Reading the above, you hopefully already have identified them.


Pros of Straight Bets

There are two main advantages to straight bets:


2-Reasonable shot at winning


If you are new to betting on sports, it makes no sense to complicate your life.  You should be working on getting the basics down, learning the ropes, and getting to a point where you can make repeatable profits.  For that, straight bets are ideal.  More complicated types of bets will just create pointless confusion.

The other big advantage of straight bets is the fact that you actually have a reasonable shot at winning.  Yes, something more complex like a teaser or parlay might pay out a lot more, but the chances of you actually winning your teaser or parlay are extremely low.  If you want to make regular money from sports betting, slow and steady does it.  Straight bets may seem “boring,” but they are one of the best types of bets if you are aiming to be a sharp. 


Cons of Straight Bets

Honestly, there really are not a lot of reasons to avoid straight bets.  If you have a good idea that a certain player or team is going to win a certain match, why wouldn’t you want to make money off of that knowledge?  The only real drawbacks are:

1-You may not win a lot of money

2-Some people find them boring


Again, you really should not worry about relatively low payouts, assuming you are still getting a good value.  A teaser or parlay may sound like an amazing value, but there is a reason they pay out so well—and that is the fact that they rarely pay out at all!  At least with straight bets, you may win more often than not (with a good system on your side).  Over time you can accumulate more and more money in your betting account. 

As to boring, that is entirely in the eye of the participant.  Some people have a hard time maintaining interest in simple bets, and cannot seem to stay away from the more complicated wagers.  They just find the thought of winning a really “tough” bet more thrilling. 


But ask yourself what is really more interesting. Is it complexity - or is it winning money?  If you answered, “winning money,” then you should find simple types of bets like win single bets far more compelling over the long run.  Stick with them and over time you will gradually accumulate more and more profit. 


Be sure to read the other articles in this series to learn more about other types of wagers: teasers, parlays, futures and more!


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