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What is Round Betting in Boxing?

Betting on boxing is an incredibly fun and rewarding activity.  In some ways, boxing is arguably even more intense than team sports, because it has that deeply personal aspect to it.  Few things are more thrilling than a one-on-one encounter between two great fighters.  If you have been following boxing, there is a good chance that you know the fighter’s styles and abilities intimately.  This places you in a perfect position to place a wager and reap a financial reward as well as an emotional one when your champion wins the match.


If you’re going to try your hand at betting on boxing, one of the most common types of bets you will encounter is known as the “round bet.”  There are a couple of variations of the round bet as well, including round group betting and over/under rounds.  Let’s break it down so that you can understand all three.

  • Round betting.  With your basic round bet, you are simply trying to predict which round will be the last fought.  It can be pretty tough to guess the right round, more challenging than simply picking the winner.  For this reason, you can get some great odds.  The more evenly matched the combatants are, the longer they are both likely to last.  In a fight where there is a clear favourite, picking an earlier round is usually wise.
  • Round group betting.  This is a simple variation on round betting, and it is actually easier to win.  Rounds are grouped together so that you can bet on a certain range of rounds, for example, rounds 1-3 or rounds 4-7.  Your chances of winning are much higher than if you were betting on one specific round.  If you are pretty sure a match will be over quickly or will last a long time, but are not certain of the specifics past that, round group betting makes sense.
  • Over/Under rounds.  Instead of saying a fight will be one during a specific round, you say whether the fight will finish before or after that round.  As you might guess, the odds are closest to even if you select a round near the possible middle of the fight. 


Round betting is very popular with gamblers who want to try something a little more sophisticated than the basic winner bet.  The basic round bet is actually the hardest to win of all of them, with the variations being easier.  I recommend that if you are new to round betting, you try the group round bets first.  If you find that you are good at those, and feel you can make more precise predictions, you might try the basic round bets or the over/under rounds. 


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