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Are You a System Hopper? Part 2

In my previous article on this topic (Are You a System Hopper? Part 1), I talked about a common and destructive habit that many sports bettors suffer from, which is system hopping.  System hopping is just what it sounds like.  You start with one betting system, and then jump to another and another because you are dissatisfied with the results.  It may be because you are unprofitable, but it might also be because you just wish you were more profitable.  System hopping usually involves using too many systems at once.


System hopping can be very bad for your betting account, and I want to talk about why.

  • You are not focused enough to become a true expert at anything.  You are dividing your attention a dozen different ways by trying to use too many systems all layered up.  Or maybe you are just not staying with any one thing long enough to learn it adequately.  Your knowledge may be broad, but it is also shallow.  You never learn any one thing well enough to use it to profit over the long term.
  •  If you have something great, you might never recognise it.  The worst thing about not becoming an expert at anything is that it prevents you from seeing the value you possess.  You could stumble across a truly amazing system that could help you to wager profitably for seasons and seasons to come, and completely overlook it.  If you never become an expert in using it, you may never learn to use it profitably.  If that happens, you could even mistakenly assume it isn’t profitable at all!  What a tragedy that would be—and it happens to someone everyday. 
  •  You lose a ton of money while all this is going on.  This is not necessarily a given; it depends on how cautious you are.  Some people let the quest for the perfect system hold them back from ever betting with real money.  But many do continue to wager as they hop from system to system, and they throw a ton of money down the drain in the process.  Even if you are not wagering money during this process, you could argue you are losing money in the form of lost potential earnings.  If you would just focus on something, you could be making bank!
  • You build up belief in your failure.  If you have had enough failures while system hopping, you can start to lose confidence in your own abilities.  Instead of blaming the bad habit of jumping from system to system, you believe that you are simply incapable of using them properly (or choosing the right ones).  You never recognise your own strengths. 


This cycle of indecision and failure is one that will cost you both financially and emotionally if you allow it to continue.  So if you recognise system hopping behaviour in yourself, put a stop to it.  Pick the system that is working best (if you have one that is profitable or nearly so), and really focus on making the most of it.  But accept that a high win percentage in the world of sports betting is still usually under 60%.  Be thankful for the wins you do have.  If you stay focused, you will gradually get better and better.  Explore and experiment, but emphasise depth over breadth.


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  • Don't abuse bonuses