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Do Horse Racing Betting Systems Work?

Whether you are planning on betting on a horse racing festival like the Royal Ascot or you have found this article at any other time of the year, you may be asking yourself whether you need a betting system in order to succeed.  Do horse racing betting systems even work?  What should you know about them?


Wagering on Must-Win Games

Some of the most exciting moments in sports come when teams are making their way toward the playoffs.  During these times, there are key games where a certain team must win in order to advance.  Games like these are fun to watch, and can keep you on the edge of your seat.  They can be even more exciting if you wager on them.  But can they be profitable?  There are certain considerations you should always be aware of when going into these betting situations.


Cautionary Notes for Watching the Games You Bet On

Recently, I wrote about the reasons you should consider watching the sports you bet on.  A lot of punters skip watching games, or do not watch them regularly.  Often this is because of time constraints or laziness.  There are a few good reasons to consider skipping the games, but there are also a lot of great advantages to watching.  When you watch games, you:

Why You Should Consider Watching the Sports You Bet On

You do not have to watch the sports you bet on.  In fact, the very first thing I want to say about this is that some punters actually do better if they avoid watching the games they bet on.  There are some drawbacks to watching games, and certain personality types can be tempted to go on tilt.  Watching games has a number of benefits, however, and can really help you to develop your skills and betting strategies.  Note that you may decide to watch the games you are betting on, but you may decide to forego that and still watch ga

Assessing Football Team Form, Part 3

One of the best strategies you can use to analyse an upcoming football match and make accurate predictions is team form assessment.  In my previous two instalments (Assessing Football Team Form Part 1 and Part 2), I discussed a variety of factors which can all have an impact on team form.  These include the players, the managers, the play style of the team, travel, game history, and whether the upcoming match will be a home or away game f

Assessing Football Team Form Part 2

In this series, we delve in-depth into analysing team form.  Being able to assess team form helps you to make a number of predictions heading into a football match.  It can help you to determine which team will win, what the end score might be, and which players are likely to score first.  In my first installment (Assessing Football Team Form, Part 1), I talked about three important factors to consider when you are analysing team form: players, managers, and play style.  Now I will talk about a fe

Assessing Football Team Form Part 1

One helpful betting strategy which an assist you in placing smart bets is learning how to assess team form.  Assessing form from one sport to another is a similar process, though each sport has a few unique considerations.  Let’s talk for a moment about assessing form for a football team.  Some teams are in better form while they are home than when they are away.  Being able to assess a team’s form can help you figure out which side to bet on, and sometimes can result in some great deals.


Is It Possible to Make a Living Betting on Sports?

If you are new to sports betting, or even if you have been betting for a while, you may wonder whether it is possible to quit your day job someday and wager full-time on the sporting events you love.  You probably have at least heard of full-time gamblers who make a comfortable or even lucrative living off of sports betting, but odds are you probably haven’t encountered too many.  What you have likely run into are many other punters struggling like you to pull it together and start making a profit.


Why Is My Betting System Failing?

Let’s say that you have adapted a certain sports betting strategy you found online for your wagering.  You know that the system has the potential to deliver great results, because the system’s creator has publicly posted his results over time.  The system is not perfect, but it doesn’t have to be.  The system’s creator achieves wins 84% of the time.  You cannot seem to get better results than 65%.  Why is your system failing you, when it should work?


When Are Statistics Useful?

In a recent article , I explained exactly why statistics are important to you as a sports bettor.  When you ignore statistics, you are looking past essential data that can help you come to an informed hypothesis about an upcoming event or even an event in-play.  But that does not mean that all statistics are useful.  Some can be downright misleading.



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