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Types of Cricket Bets

If you are getting into cricket betting, you have probably discovered that there are numerous different types of bets available.  This should come as no surprise considering that cricket is a complex sport with many variations and many factors influencing outcomes.  So what are some popular types of bets you can place on this exciting sport?  Let’s take a look.


General Cricket Bets

  • Match bet: It does not get simpler than this.  Just try to figure out which of two teams is going to win a given match.  As this is pretty much the most basic type of cricket bet, it is also the most common.  You will of course get the best value if you bet on the underdog and win.  Note that draws are common in test matches, so be sure to check with your UK betting site to see what happens to your wager in case of a draw. 
  • Tied match bet: This is a somewhat misleading name since there is a difference between a tie and a draw in test matches.  Ties are actually incredibly rare; draws are very common.  With a tied match bet, you are wagering on a draw.  This bet may also be referred to as a “draw no bet.” 
  • Double chance: This is where you bet on a team to win or draw. 
  • Series winner: In many cases, a pair of cricket teams will actually compete in a series of matches (say three or five games) rather than in one match.  You can bet on any of the matches individually, of course, but you can also bet on the winner for the series overall.
  • Outright winner: This is a futures bet which you can place on the winner of a tournament such as the Cricket World Cup or the World Twenty20.  The earlier you place your wager in the tournament, the more you can potentially win.  Of course, your risk is much higher as well.


Team Proposition Bets

  • Win Toss: This is a wager you place on the coin toss at the start of the match—the one which determines which captain can decide whether to bat or field. 
  • Toss Combination: Think you can guess not only which captain will win the coin toss, but also whether he will decide to bat first or second?  If you are right about both, you can win the toss combination bet.
  • First Innings Score: You are wagering on the score of a team at the end of the first inning.
  • Match Score: With this type of wager, you are trying to determine the total number of runs a team will have scored by the time the match ends.
  • Over/Under Score: This is just like the Match Score bet, only it incorporates both teams, rather than just one of them. 
  • Most Match Sixes: Your goal with this type of wager is to figure out which team is going to score the most Sixes.  What if there is a tie?  Each UK betting site has its own rules on this, so make sure to check with yours.
  • Most Run Outs: Which of the teams competing is going to have the most Run Outs?  If you can determine it correctly, you can win.
  • Total Fours: With this wager you are trying to figure out if the total number of Fours a team scores is going to be over or under a certain amount.


Cricket Player Proposition Bets

  • Top Batsman: Try to predict which batter is going to score the most runs.  You can do this per match, or you can do it for a series or tournament.  You can further modify this wager by betting on just one side in a match or on both (the top batter for a team or for the game as a whole). 

  • Team of Top Batsman: Do not think you can determine the specific batter who will make the most runs, but pretty sure you know which side that player will be on?  This wager allows you to simply name the correct team to win.

  • Top Bowler: Which bowler will take the most wickets?  If you can guess this correctly, you can win a Top Bowler wager.  Just as the Top Batsman wager can be modified in a number of different ways, so too can the Top Bowler wager.

  • Individual Bowlers Series Wickets: With this wager, you are trying to guess how many wickets a certain bowler will manage to take over the course of a series.

  • Batsman Match: With this type of wager, you have a pair of two batsmen.  They may be on the same team, or they may be on different teams.  Either way, your goal is to figure out which of them is going to score more runs or achieve some other benchmark (more sixes, etc.).

  • Man of the Match: For major contests, one particular player may be accorded “Man of the Match.”  Your goal is to guess which.

  • Player of the Series: This is like “Man of the Match,” only it is for the honour referred to as “Player of the Series.”

  • Player Performance: With this type of wager, you are trying to figure out whether a given player will score runs above or below a certain amount.

  • Century to Be Scored in the Match: Will there be a century in this match on either side?  If you say “yes” and there is, you win.

  • To Score 50 Runs: Try to determine whether a certain batter will achieve 50 runs.


Cricket In-Play Proposition Bets

Did you know that there are also some specific wagers designed for in-play betting?  Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  • Batsman Runs: Just prior to a new batter approaching the crease, you have a chance to place this type of over/under wager.  After the batter faces his first delivery, you cannot alter your wager.
  • Runs Off Delivery: This is also called “Runs Off Next Ball.”  These types of bets are placed ball by ball.  You are wagering on the total number of runs to be scored from the present delivery.
  • Method of Dismissal: While a batter is in the crease, you can bet on six possible dismissal possibilities: Run Out, Caught, LBW, Bowled, Stumped, or Other.
  • Over/Under Totals: You may sometimes see this offered before a game, but it is more common as a live wager in-play. 


Now you know a whole bunch of different types of cricket bets you can place in a top UK betting site.  This is not an exhaustive list; there are other types of wagers as well, but these should keep you busy to start with.  Remember to do your research on the teams, tournaments, pitch, weather conditions and captains before you place your bets.  This will maximise your chances of winning!


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