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Why Bet on Rugby?

If you are already a rugby fan, you probably figure that this article begs the question.  But if you are not, you may not know a whole lot about this sport or why you should think about betting on it. 


Usually I recommend that new punters focus on just one or two sports in the beginning instead of wagering on everything.  If you are an expert already in another sport, you may want to bet on that.  But I feel that rugby offers quite a bit in the way of action and potential profit.  All things being equal, you might want to consider following rugby over another sport.  Why?  Here are just a few reasons!


1.  Ruby is a truly international sport and there are numerous matches to bet on.

There are a lot of international sports, but few are played as universally as rugby.  Rugby is most popular in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia, but it is also a big sport in France, Italy, South Africa, and Argentina among many other nations.  There are a lot of big and small rugby events to bet on which happen throughout the year, so you will never run out of matches to wager on. 


2.  Rugby is a very inclusive sport.

Rugby is a fascinating sport because it draws in people not only from all countries, but from numerous walks of life.  Rugby talent quite literally comes in many shapes and sizes, and there are numerous different play styles which can excel on the pitch.  Because of this, you will not only see a lot of diversity in the players, but also in the action.  This can make for some very interesting betting scenarios. 

It is also interesting to note that rugby players need to be relatively competent with all of the sport’s core skills, even if they specialise in one particular area.  You will often see players stepping outside of their key, comfortable roles and taking on other responsibilities. 


3.  Rugby is fast-paced and action-packed

A lot of sports are actually quite slow when you think about it.  Take American football for example.  The vast majority of the time, nothing is actually going on.  The game lasts three to four hours, but a huge percentage of that time is spent with the clock paused (in fact, an American football game that lasts 4 hours may only feature around 11 minutes of action).  Rugby matches on the other hand last for 80 minutes.  Is there downtime?  Yes, but not nearly as much percentage-wise.  A far larger part of a rugby match is actually spent in-play.  If there is a penalty, the result is usually a scrum, not a full stop on the action. 


4.  Rugby is played in all weather conditions, and weather has a huge impact on the sport.

Different play styles bring variety to the rugby pitch, but so do weather conditions.  Games are not called on account of pouring rain—but rain has a huge impact on what takes place on the field.  Wind also can literally change the outcome of a game.  On top of all that, rugby is played on grass, not on synthetic turf.  Grass gets muddy in the rain, adding yet another exciting dimension to game play. Read more about the impact of weather conditions on rugby in my next article.


5.  Rugby is emotionally compelling.

Rugby is a brutal game that requires tactical skill and teamwork.  Camaraderie on and even between teams is far more tight-knit than what you will see with a lot of other sports.  For that reason, it is easy to get involved emotionally with matches.  This can be a drawback when you are betting (you should never let emotions interfere with smart betting decisions), but only if you cannot control yourself.  So long as you make your betting decisions according to your system, that emotional involvement just adds another layer of excitement to the game.


As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to watch rugby and bet on it!  With so many rugby events taking place each year, there is always something to wager on.  There are numerous factors which impact game play in unique and surprising ways, which means you get to watch varied action and bet accordingly.  It can be a challenge to come out on top each time, but if you become a true expert, you can start a profitable betting career following this action-packed sport.


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