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Why Don’t You Have a Betting System? Part 1

If you are going to become a profitable sports bettor, one thing you need to succeed is a betting system!  The vast majority of punters have no system whatsoever, or if they do, they apply it pell-mell with no real plan and may barely understand how it works.  Still others rely on picks from punters who do have systems, and simply hope that those picks will perform.  The only bettors who win with enough consistency to turn it into a living are those who have a method of their own in place.


Still, many punters resist getting a system.  Let’s not delve into the real reasons for that right now.  Instead, I want to consider a few of the reasons you may have told yourself!


1.“ I don’t have time to come up with a sports betting system/I don’t have the knowledge to do this.

This is one of the most common reasons given for why punters do not go to the trouble of getting a system.  And it is an understandable excuse.  You may not have the knowledge now, and yes, it will take up quite a bit of time.  But that does not mean that you cannot do it!  You do have the time.  It may take longer than you want, but you will get there.  You can build the knowledge you need, and only after you do will you be ready to bet profitably.  You probably already have the foundational knowledge you need, even if it is pretty basic.  Choose a sport you know a lot about and start building off of what you already possess. 


2. “A system will restrict my creativity too much.

You may feel like if you have a betting system in place, it will limit you from making the free associations you need to gain new insights into the sport you are following.  That might be a concern, but only if you follow the system completely rigidly.  A system is a tool, it is something you use—not something that uses you.  Use your system to guide your choices, but don’t let it stop you from thinking outside the box.  You can always be working on new ideas in the background. 


In fact, you can make that part of your system—maybe not your betting system, but your betting plan in general.  It may not be incorporated into how you bet right now, but it can still play a part in how you work.  After all, you need a system for how you organise your tasks too, and one of those tasks can always be to explore creative new possibilities for betting in the future.


In the next instalment (Why Don’t You Have a Betting System?  Part 2), I will talk a bit more about other myths which could be holding you back from creating or adopting a betting system of your own.  Getting a system and learning it inside and out isn’t easy, but once you finally make the leap, you will see much more profitable results in your account.


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  • When drunk, don't bet!
  • Don't chase losses
  • Bet on markets you know well
  • Don't abuse bonuses