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6 Reasons to Bet Online On Royal Ascot 2017

If you wanted to get tickets to Royal Ascot horse racing festival 2017 but are bummed because you have realised you will not be able to make it, you may be feeling a bit sore right now.  But cheer up, because you can bet on Royal Ascot online.  And actually, there are some benefits to doing so!  Let’s check them out.


1.  Royal Ascot is becoming more crowded.

The Ascot Racecourse dug in deep into their statistics in 2014, and discovered that around 300,000 people had made it to the racecourse for Royal Ascot that year.  With interest only continuing to surge, Ascot is pretty crowded these days! 

In fact, it became necessary for the racecourse to reduce seating in the Windsor enclosure and Queen Anne Enclosure, leading to the creation of the brand new Village Enclosure  for 2017.

While it can be fun to mix with Royal Ascot’s classy crowd, it can also be overwhelming if you prefer to have some space to yourself.  For those who would rather enjoy Royal Ascot in a more laidback environment, it is hard to beat betting at home.


2.  There is no dress code to deal with at home.

Speaking of laidback, even the Windsor Enclosure, which has a fairly broad dress code, still encourages you to dress your best.  And if you attend the race at any of the other enclosures, the Royal Ascot dress code is quite rigid.

If you don’t want to spend money on fine clothes or you simply do not feel like getting dressed up just to go to the races, you will feel far more comfortable lounging around at home and betting on Royal Ascot. 


3.  If you work during Royal Ascot, you can bet from the office.

Another issue with Royal Ascot is that not everybody can schedule attendance.  The tickets are affordable, but can you afford to take time off?  Aside from the last day of the event, which falls on a Saturday, the rest of Royal Ascot takes place during weekdays.

Most people cannot skip out of work at the drop of a hat to go to a horse race, no matter how exciting the opportunity is. If that is the case for you, you can at least keep up with the races to some extent at work through your online sportsbook.

If you have your own office and you are allowed to take breaks, you can live stream Ascot races online.  You can place live bets this way as well.  Your sportsbook also will allow you to place wagers ahead of the races.  So either way, you can get in on the action.


4.  Money saved on tickets is money you can use to wager.

While tickets to Royal Ascot 2017 are not that expensive, they still are an expense.  If you are pressed for funds, paying for a seat may not be the best use of your money.  Instead, it may make more sense to hold onto your money and deposit it at your UK betting site.  That way you can use it to place more or larger bets.  That could mean bigger winnings when all is said and done.


5.  You will not get distracted as easily.

When Ascot Racecourse conducted their study in 2014, they discovered some amazing facts about beverage consumption at Royal Ascot:

  • 42,000 bottles of wine
  • 51,000 bottles of champagne
  • 131,000 pints of beer
  • 160,000 glasses of Pimm’s.

There are plenty of astonishing statistics concerning food consumption as well, but these stats on alcohol consumption is really what is most relevant.  People at Royal Ascot drink a lot, at least collectively speaking. 

The more you drink, the more your judgement is impaired.  That can have a negative effect on your sports betting.  At home, you will not be surrounded by quite so much temptation (hopefully).  This may help you to stay focused and level-headed while you are making betting decisions.  Plus, you will not have the distractions of the crowd to contend with either. 


6.  You have more betting opportunities online.

Online, you may actually have far more opportunities to win money betting on Royal Ascot.  You can shop the full selection of online odds (if you join multiple UK betting sites, which you should).  You also may find a much wider variety of bet types offered, and you can take advantage of the opportunity to place futures bets.  There are promotions and freebies to enjoy as well, many of which are directed exclusively at Royal Ascot punters.


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